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True Story

This morning on the way to work I rear-ended a car at the stop light. My bad, I wasn’t really paying attention.

The driver got out of his car. I look down… and he was a dwarf.

He said, “Look here, I’m not happy…”

I replied, “Well, which one are you then?”


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Rocketman (Chris Elliott Channels Shatner)

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Pic O’ Da Day

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Daddy, how was I born?

A little boy goes to his father and asks “Daddy, how was I born?”

The father answers: “Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: ‘You got Male!'”

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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper

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Too good for toilet papaer?

A man enters his bathroom as his wife is standing before the mirror, examining her breast. “I wish they were bigger,” she complains.

He’s heard this before, and is tired of telling her they are just fine, so instead he says, “A good way to make them grow is to rub a piece of toilet paper between them for a few seconds every day.” Desperate to try anything, she takes a piece ot toiler paper and starts rubbing it between her breasts. “How long will this take?” she asks her husband. “A few years, maybe.”

“Why do you think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make them grow over the years?”

“It worked for your ass, didn’t it?”

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Got C.I.L.F.?

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