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Beware shepherds with too much time on their hands

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Battle Royale for Cheezeburgers

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All O’Reilled Up

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On reflection, maybe I should have said ‘pussy’

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A Gentleman Requires A Bailout

Despite his seemingly chinkless armor, a gentleman is by no means immune to the financial disaster currently consuming the modern world. However, the manner in which he weathers the storm is quite different from the safe-playing techniques of less sophisticated souls. A gentleman, as we all know, is a freewheeling character, a man driven by his whims and his vices, his thirst and his loins, and thus while the rest of humanity is stockpiling canned goods and building sandbag walls in preparation of the apocalypse, a gentleman merely carries on as he always has, spending greenbacks willy nilly and drinking and cavorting footloose and fancy free. Until, that is, his whirlwind of spirit-lifting spending catches up with him. With his bonus burned though, his Japanese Whaling stock severely depleted, his bar tab cutoff and his Siberian Tiger skin pouch of gold empty, a gentleman may suddenly feel financially insecure, utterly alone and stranded amidst the harsh realities of a very cruel world indeed. In this darkest of hours, a gentleman must rely on the only currency he still has: The aid of gentlemanly friends and a good woman. God bless the company a gentleman keeps, for without them, he is merely a man… [read the ultra-urbane exchange]

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Richest man on Main Street


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