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Police Squad!


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How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

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Is a rape joke ever funny?

Let’s see…

A student of journalism arrives in a woodsy village to make a report on life therein. When he comes to one of the villagers and says: “Please, I have an assignment to try and portray life in your village. Could you tell me any of your village anecdotes?”

The villager replied, “Well once, a goat from our herd got lost in the woods, and as the tradition goes, we all gathered together, drank all the bottles of wine and started searching for it. When we found it, as the tradition goes, we came back to drink some more and one by one, we had sex with the goat…”

The journalist interrupts, “Oh, my! This report will be released as a public document. I cannot dare to publish that! Look, do you have a pleasant village anecdote?”

“Well, once the wife of one of our neighbors got lost in the woods, and as the tradition goes, we all drank and began a search. When we found her, as the tradition goes, we drank and one by one, we had sex with her…”

The journalist couldn’t stand it anymore, and wanting to change the topic, he asked the villager “Look, do you have an unpleasant anecdote?”

The villager, wiping away the tear that started in the corner of his eye, told the journalist, “Well, once I got lost in the woods…”

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Real Financial Heroes

An auld favorite.

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Hitler is concerned about foreclosure fraud

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Cat scratchin’

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Smells like Teen Spirit – The Ukulele Orchestra

I know, I know, I got some catching up to do…

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