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Girl’s Parody


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After Weeks Of Media Pressure, Shia LaBeouf Still Refusing To Have Public Meltdown

In this Star Fix Quick Hit, Angelique Clark looks at the media’s ongoing efforts to push Shia LaBeouf over the edge into a Charlie Sheen-style breakdown. Also, Congress discusses opening Alaska’s reality star reserves and Johnny Depp registers the domain name

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Leaf From “Tree Of Life” Frontrunner For Best Actor Oscar

Entertainment insiders say this might be the year Hollywood’s favorite leaf, which has appeared in more than 60 films, finally takes home the Academy Award.

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Obama Begs Voters Not To Make His Daughters Switch Schools

The Obama campaign unveils a new strategy: urging Americans to keep him in the White House so Sasha and Malia don’t have to make new friends.

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Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno’s 10 at 10

Cringe worthy.

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Tyler Perry Expands His Fan Base With New Films About Sassy, Chinese Grandmother

Tyler Perry has signed a $50 million deal to expand his franchise to include films targeted at the world’s 1.4 billion Chinese moviegoers.

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Heather Mills

>> Standing up a story <<
Can someone take on Morgan properly?

As Private Eye said of the phone hacking
intervention by Louise Mensch, “to grant
Piers Morgan the moral high-ground in any
argument is quite a spectacular achievement”.
Still, BBC’s Newsnight obviously decided
to go one better, using the recollections
of Heather Mills, who:

* was described by the judge in her divorce
hearing as “not just inconsistent and
inaccurate but also less than candid” and a
“less than impressive witness”.

* claimed she called off an engagement
because her fiance was gay, an M16 agent
and that his mission was to undermine her
anti-landmine work

* was told by her first ex husband he
“couldn’t marry her until she did
something about her compulsive lying”.

* won an Outstanding Young Person of the
Year award from the British Chambers of
Commerce. The award doesn’t exist.

* wrote that the owner of a jewellery
shop in Clapham gave her a job on Saturdays,
but he said “Everything she wrote about me
was lies, I never gave her a job; she just
hung around and made tea. She told me
her father was dead.”

* said she gave as much as 80% or 90% of
her earnings direct to charities. Her
tax returns “disclose no charitable giving”.

[ Popbitch ]

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